Just because you have a bouncy tot (or two), doesn't mean you have to compromise on your dining options.  In fact, culinary explorations should be more dynamic with little ones, not less. 

Let the expert foodies and proud mammas guide you through your eating adventures in New York City and beyond - one high-chair at a time!


See our comprehensive dining suggestions for all of the good local dining spots, broken down by location.

Dining Options by Neighborhood


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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Just two mammas living in Downtown Manhattan (East Village and the Lower East Side) who dig our babies and our food!

Meet Our Crew 


Follow us as we tour the various restaurants of Manhattan with bubs in tow and give you the lo-down on food, ambience, services, kid-friendliness barometer, and much more!

City Baby Dining Blog

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