Dinner On Ludlow – Comfort Food and Chandeliers


(Lower East Side)

Dinner On Ludlow

95 Delancey street, New York, NY 10002

Tel. 212-228-0909

Believe it or not, our first introduction to Dinner On Ludlow was via their Sunday Vanilla Sky/White Party – which is truly a sight to behold (think throwbacks to P. Diddy, with lots of white on white on white, and loads of booty… everywhere).

Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily, it just doesn’t scream “baby friendly.”

So imagine my surprise when one Sunday morning, we cruised over to the restaurant (not sure the exact reason… proximity?), and were met with a pleasant surprise.  It wasn’t crowded (in fact it was nice and tranquil), the food was simple and delicious, and above all – beautiful chandeliers all over the place.  I mean, who doesn’t love a nice, glittering chandelier?

Food Tips

-          Comfort style food with locally sourced ingredients, we were impressed with both the tastiness and the presentation.

-          Hubs had fluffy pancakes, and I had the shrimp and grits (with extra hot sauce of course!!). 

-          Our cocktails were included, so it was Mimosas and Bloody Marys, yes please!

Baby Tips

-          Surprisingly the restaurant is super spacious, with plenty of space for strollers.  Case in point, Nuke baby was actually asleep when we arrived (bliss!), so we just parked the stroller right by our table and tucked into our drinks and cornbread, as you do.

-          In fairness we didn’t ask for a high-chair, but there’s plenty of space to either leave bubs in the stroller, or take them out and strap them into a portable baby seat.

-          The staff were super accommodating, even gave us extra plates and silverware for his baby food.

All in all, we were very pleased, and would happily return for either brunch or an early dinner (sadly for hubs, no white party just yet).  As a matter of fact, at one stage I even contemplated holding Nuke Baby’s first birthday there, before we dashed off to North Fork – food for thought for his second birthday, perhaps?