Edi and the Wolf – Playdate in the East Village


(East Village)

Edi and the Wolf

102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

Tel. 212-598-1040

For years, we’ve been going to the Edi and the Wolf (Austrian restaurant in the East Village, 102 Avenue C) for their fantastic schnitzel and apple strudel (okay they make some pretty delicious fare in general, but schnitzel is where it’s at!).  So why should it be any different with baby? You ask.

Well – the long and the short of it is – it shouldn’t. 

Edi and the Wolf is just as fantastic with baby.  Though word to the wise, you may want to come here either for a late brunch or early dinner, so as to avoid the maddening crowd (but I would argue that this fits within my general preference irrespective of babies).

These photos were taken a while back, when us downtown mammas made a date to meet up for a quick drink and bite in the East Village.  I forget what time it was (4pm?), but it was the perfect hour to grab a seat, and the restaurant wasn’t terribly crowded. 

If you can, try to snag a table by the front, where you can have the view of bustling Avenue C to keep munchkins occupied (outdoor plants helped too!). 


1)      Bathrooms are crammed, though not unmanageable for changing bubs

2)      Restaurant is small in general, but we managed with our strollers (in fact they can serve as de facto high-chairs!), see image above.

3)      Service very friendly and staff were definitely into babies

4)      We had the entire corner table to ourselves, which is great, since one side is all bench, so the little ones can roll around (we may have even changed them on the bench in stealth.  Shh! Don’t tell).

5)      I don’t think the kitchen officially opens until 5pm for dinner, but they were accommodating and served us anyways (bonus points).

6)      We were told (by a fellow young family) that they came in because they saw us sitting inside.  I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for that, us stroller-diners have to stick together!

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