Antique Garage – Lunch and Lounge



Antique Garage

41 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212-219-1019

Antique Garage, located on 41 Mercer street (between Broome and Grand), is situated in the heart of SoHo and possibly one of my favorite “afternoon lounging” spots. 

My first encounter was with a few girlfriends for a leisurely weekend “bachelorette brunch.”  Suffice to say, it was très packed and très  oh-so-very-very (also, we may have gone there right about noon, which was prime brunch time). 

On the other hand, as I discovered two years later… if you just go a little bit on the later side (say, right after munchkin’s nap time), you’ll find that it’s a fabulous place to bring the little ones! 

This place has the energy, the delicious spreads, and live jazz all weekend long! When we went, there was a lovely songstress crooning into the mike while our little rascals tossed prosciutto at one another (okay so I think in fairness that was their valiant, and quite rudimentary attempt at sharing).  As a side-note, the restaurant’s flatbread with prosciutto (prosciutto pizette, topped with Gorgonzola cheese, black olives, tomatoes, spread with a bed of arugula), is truly delicious and highly recommended.

Food tips:

-          Menu is Turkish/Mediterranean, easy to share, and quite healthy.  Think hummus, mixed meze platters, yogurt kebabs, grilled halloumi, and the like.  Good for you, great for bubs, with plenty of texture and variety for your kids to appreciate.  Win win!

Baby tips:

-          As far as ambience goes, this place is super cute and won’t disappoint (fun fact: it was once converted from an old mechanic shop), no wonder it exudes vintage chic.

-          Best time to go is 2pm or later for lunch (lunch menus is served until 5pm).  We recommend avoiding peak hours (12-2pm) because – well why would you want to make life harder for yourself?  Things are stressful enough just looking after the kiddos!

-          There’s a small selection of outdoor seating (think park benches), so if the weather is super nice, feel free to pop by for a latte and/or Prosecco, park bubs in his/her stroller, and indulge in some SoHo people-watching.

-          They do have high chairs (yeah!), and actually there’s a long table in the middle of the restaurant that’s ideal for communal dining.  If possible, you can even situate the littles right on the end of the table, so as to provide them with plenty of visuals and stimulation (hint: that’s also the best spot for watching live jazz and other forms of entertainment).

-          As a side note, there are a ton of kiddo-friendly places nearby.  We actually arrived at the restaurant shortly after a Citibabes event.  You can also check out the Scholastic Store nearby on 557 Broadway if you and the littles want to get your after-dining read on. 

-          Bottom line, it’s a hidden gen for young families and certainly ought to be explored more.