Crosby Street Hotel – High Tea with my Baby



The Crosby Bar (at The Crosby Street Hotel)

79 Crosby Street, New York, NY 20012

Tel. 212-226-6400

Hubby and I have been coming to the Crosby Bar for quite some time now.  Situated in Soho, it’s a lovely place to visit no matter what the season, and during the summer, the backyard garden is one of the loveliest places to take a break, meet a break, and grab an aperitif (or digestive, depending on your preference).

We actually stumbled upon their afternoon tea quite haphazardly, as we were cruising in the hood for a nice chill place to just sit down and put our feet up with the munchkin.  The Crosby Bar is quite perfect for the following 3 reasons:

1)      The setting is stylish and pleasing to the eye (instant pick-me-upper!);

2)      It never gets terribly crowded (certainly not smack in the middle of the afternoon);

3)      The service is generally very consistent and attentive (and never in your face, say yes to that).

Food tips:

-          You can get the traditional tea, ruinart tea, or gluten tea set (full menu here) – everything comes in a beautifully-appointed tea set and stack, and actually quite a large amount of food! Definitely to be shared amongst girlfriends

-          Don’t forget a glass of bubbly to go with your Earl Grey! 

-          A full menu of tea options and offerings can be found here.  It ain’t cheap, but then again, you’re paying for the ambience

Baby tips:

-          Yes to high-chairs, friendly staff.  Plenty of distractions for the munchkin

-          It’s a hotel so ample facilities as far as bathrooms go.  If the weather’s nice, you can also let the little ones run amuck in their backyard garden, and the best part?  There’s no rush since it’s normally pretty quiet at the Crosby Bar, so stay as long as you want!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your bespoke tea…