Early Brunching at Prune


(East Village)


54 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003

Tel. 212-667-6221

I can’t even tell you how many foodie magazines and bespoke travel guides have raved about brunch at Prune, on 1st and 1st in the East Village.  Suffice to say, it seemed absolutely criminal to not check it out  ourselves, given that it’s just a few blocks from where we live.

So how about the experience, you ask?

For one – I would definitely go for brunch only, skip dinner (unless it’s super early and even then – chances are it might get too packed for a rambunctious and fatigued little one).

Secondly, get there early – and I mean early!  This place is high on many people’s lists.  Good news is, on weekends they open at 10am for brunch, yes 10! So reap the rewards of being woken up at 6am…

They don’t take reservations for brunch (I know I know, it’s annoying – but worth it!).  Plus, if you get there around 9:30/9:45am, you’re sure to snag a seat with no issues.  You’re up anyways, so why not make the most of it? 

Best seat in the house is right by the window, more spacious, and you can even park your stroller in the corner if you brought one.  Alternatively (and this is what we did), there’s a small seating area just outside the resto and we left ours there (our table looked out onto the street, which made it easy to keep a close eye).

Food tips:

·         Everything is pretty downright delicious (think comfort food with a twist of healthy – fit for the most discerning foodies).  We got a fruit bowl for munchkin, and it was beautifully presented with mint, berries, with (go figure) prunes!

·         Hubs had the granola and I went with an order of steaks and eggs – the breakfast of champions.  Both were good (I liked mine better, but I could be biased).  You also can’t go wrong with their ridiculously fluffy pancakes.

·         Prune serves delicious bread, which is always a fantastic source of distraction for bubs (buys you at least 10 minutes of quiet time)

·         I personally love their Bloody Marys, and the best part is – you can feed the celery stalk to your baby!  Something  for the littles to play and munch on.  Win win.  (Just make sure you don’t feed them the bits heavily drenched in alcohol….)

Baby tips:

·         Prune is not a traditional “family-friendly” restaurant, as evidenced by the fact that they don’t carry any high-chairs (I’m guessing due to the space element).  However, if you bring your own portable baby seat with you (see photos), you’re good!

·         The small dishes are great, and always a hit with little kids. 

·         Sit as close to the front door as possible (you’re closer to the window this way, and farther from the kitchen – i.e., better air circulation).

·         No changing tables (does that surprise you greatly?).  But bathroom is spacious enough should the need arise.  Alternatively, you could try the bench just outside the front door for spreading out and changing your little one.

Bon appetite!  For inspiration check out this 2005 review in the New York Times by Frank Bruni.