Flat Whites at Happy Bones


(Little Italy)

Happy Bones

394 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212-673-3754

It seems like these days, antipodeans are the ones who have seriously cornered the coffee connoisseur market – with flat whites being the word du jour (you know it'd a thing when even your local Starbucks serves it!).

FYI – a flat white = generally two shots of espresso + velvety, microfoam (with equal proportions of coffee and froth).  Check out the Coffeehunter’s post for a more comprehensive definition of a flat white.

So where to find a lovely cup of flat white in the hood, you ask?  Well, we were pretty stoked when a Kiwi coffee shop opened up not too far from us back in 2014 called "Happy Bones."  Besides flat whites, macchiattos, and teas – they also sell insanely delicious doughnuts from Dough (as if you needed any more convincing!).

Get there fast, as these doughnuts sell out pretty quickly.  However, even if you’ve missed out on the pastries, you can always get mega caffeinated while you're here.  Which, let's face it, is pretty much all you need as a parent sometimes!

Baby tips:
- Surprisingly, the coffee shop feels incredibly spacious and loft-like inside.  (Read: not crowded with tables and chairs).  You have plenty of space to roll your stroller in for a quick break (just watch out for a ledge at the front entrance!).

- Staff is mega friendly, and hubby never fails to win adoring looks from the ladies when he cruises in here with the Nuke (something we mummies, unfortunately, must deal with on the regular).

- No high chairs, but if a table happens to be available, there is ample space to park your stroller.

- You may want to contemplate dressing your baby in hipster outfits to go with the decor (just kidding).