The Wren - Cocktails and Early Dinner

The beautiful bar at The Wren

The beautiful bar at The Wren

Drawing after dinner with Auntie C

Drawing after dinner with Auntie C



The Wren

344 Bowery Street, New York, NY 10012

Tel. 212-388-0148

I got a Sunday afternoon text from a girlfriend who’d been traveling in Europe for three weeks for work (lucky wench) letting me know that she was back and wanted to meet up for some jet lag cocktails. She lives in NoHo (aka north of Houston street), which made The Wren the perfect equidistant spot for us to meet up and to indulge my love of gastropub food!

When we arrived at 4:30 p.m. the waitress told us it was a 30 minute wait to which the monkey responded with a wail (echoed internally by me), the hostess then said ‘Actually let me see what I can do…’ and came back two minutes later and fit us onto the end of a communal table/booth. So kind and accommodating!

Food/drink tips:

-       Steak tartare with quail egg and toast was delicious

-       We all shared the very generously portioned fish and chips, which were done excellently (a high compliment given I was spoiled with amazing versions of the dish while I lived in the UK)

-       I loved the fantastically spicy Wren-quila cocktail with habanero infused white tequila and house made grenadine with pink peppercorns and lime on the rocks

-       They don’t take reservations

 Baby tips:

-       Timing: The kitchen closes from 4 to 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday to make the switch over from brunch to dinner. The hostess said either 10:30 a.m. at the start of brunch or 3:30 p.m. at the end were the chillest times.

-       No high chairs and no reservations are accepted but request a booth seat when you arrive for maximal comfort

-       The staff are lovely and kid friendly, they rushed out the fish and chips before the rest of the food because they knew that’s what the tot was eating

P.S. The owners of the Wren also have a little tot themselves, which makes for a very, very baby-friendly vibe!