Brunch at Tribeca Grill



Tribeca Grill

375 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212-941-3900

High Chair/ Stroller Parking

After some time away from the NYC scene (we spent much of the winter in Florida, and then spent much of January catching up and coming to terms with it being 2016) – it is officially time to hit the scene back in New York City!

We caught up with some friends of ours over at the Tribeca Grill, which has been a long-standing establishment in the neighborhood best known for Robert De Niro (who is the co-owner).  For some reason, I’ve never been here (strange but true), so when doing my research (our friends lived in the area), it hit me that this would be the perfect venue for a meet-up.  It’s tucked away on Greenwich Street (arguably one of the prettier streets in Tribeca), and boasts some very impressive personal touches. For starters, the exposed brick walls showcase artwork done by De Niro’s father (since my father is an artist, I have a particular affinity towards these fine details).

The cuisine is New American, the service quite attentive, and we got there when it wasn’t very crowded (to be fair the restaurant never got super cramped, which we liked, and it’s also nice to be inside somewhere so spacious).

In my view, you can’t really go wrong when doing family dining in Tribeca (see previous post on the Tribeca Grand, which more recently turned into the Roxy Hotel).

Food/Drink tips:

- We didn’t really get anything fancy, although with some solid prix fixe options, we were quite happy with a variety of goodies.  I loved their roasted kale, and we ordered a combo of the mixed berry/yogurt parfait, along with grilled salmon.  Both were hits for my little man (he’s a mega fan of salmon). 

- Hubby and company had the burger and salad.  Though neither were particularly noteworthy, everybody walked away happy (which is really the most important thing at the end of the day, is it not?).

Baby/ Kiddo tips:

-  Very kiddy friendly (which was exactly what we asked for).  Plenty of other young families sitting around (though it was a good mix so didn’t feel like you were dining at a day care).

- Staff were super friendly and obviously well versed with dealing with small children.

- The space is both airy and spacious, with the bar serving as a center.  Our little man did a couple of laps at the end (the atmosphere was super relaxed so we never felt like he was disturbing the other diners).

- There is a handicap bathroom on the same floor, though both the men and women’s bathrooms are down a steep set of stairs, which would be a definite downside if you had to travel with little ones (so you’ve been sufficiently warned).  That said, the walk down is quite interesting as the stairs are decorated with a “hall of fame” set of themed photos, which you might enjoy as a matter of course.