Konditori caffeine fix


(Lower East Side)


182 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002

Tel. 646-350-3973

Stroller Parking

We've always had a fondness for our neighborhood coffee shops, and Konditori on Allen is no exception.  It's a charming little nook to pop by for some delicious coffee and pastry.  Note the word Konitori means café/baked goods & confection in Swedish, pronounced “Khan- da- tor- ree.”  Not “Khan-di-tor-rye,” which was apparently how I pronounced it for the very first time, much to hubby’s ceaseless amusement.

Food/Beverage tips:

- Great cappuccino and ice coffee, this is a favorite little watering hole among local coffee connoisseurs

- Try the pastries (cardamom bread is a hit) and the freshly baked bagels, they go fast!

- Service is always efficient and friendly, and you can tell that there is a loyal following for this place

Baby/ Kiddo tips

- Similar to Happy Bones a few blocks south, it's not the easiest getting inside with a stroller, though I always have people offering to help me.

- For the sleep-deprived mammas and pappas out there, Konditori is open everyday from 6:30am onwards! That along should make you fall in love. 

- There’s a seating area inside that’s (amazingly) never crowded.  In addition, there’s a nice little outdoor seating bench just outside the café, which makes for a nice little spot to sit with the munchkins and just enjoy your brew on a warm and sunny day, enjoy!

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