Lazy Afternoon Chills at Whynot Coffee


(Lower East Side)

Whynot Coffee and Wine

175 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Tel. 646-682-9065

On the weekends, we like to explore our local neighborhood and just generally laze around post a mid-day family nap. When we're in the zone and craving a cup of good coffee, glass of ice-cold beer, or just a light snack or two, Whynot Coffee on Orchard is our go-to spot.

This spot is a heaven destination for the younger-set (read hipsters working away on their laptops), as the café/gallery comes packed with plenty of outlets and mifi speed to spare.  The other thing that Whynot has plenty of, which is pivotal for the stroller-set – is both space and happy vibes (say yes to that!). 

Cafe tips:

- This place serves up both great coffee and beer/wine, so it's an automatic win.

- Small bites are not bad either, think alongside the line of yogurt and fruit, and yummy macaroons.  See here for a full range of menu options.

Baby tips:

- Both the staff and clientele are super baby-friendly.  In fact, we generally always have at least one or two people come over and chat to us (it being a coffee shop and all) when we're out and about with the little guy at Whynot.  (This may not may not be a welcomed affair, depending on your temperament and the company that comes over).

- Space is not really an issue, with a stroller or a carrier, we've always been able to find a seat (farther towards the back is the way to go).