Out to Tea – Harney & Sons



Harney & Sons

433 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212-933-4853

While tea shop Harney & Sons is largely known for its extensive tea selection, a nice little fact (which I’m almost reluctant to share) is that they have a charming café in the back of the massive tea shop, where you have the option to purchase any of their teas, plus some additional drinks (i.e., chai lattes and the like) that are not necessarily sold at the front of the store.  The atmosphere there is chic and classy, without being overly stuffy and slow.

Food tips
- You can get a pot of tea to share, or a bespoke tea drink to be enjoyed in-house or to-go.  I generally opt for the latter but I did enjoy just sitting down one day and enjoying a nice cup of tea in the subdued café out back
- I'm told that the miniature cakes by Minnie’s Bakeshop, hand crafted up in Harlem, are quite good, though personally I'm a sucker for their macaroons (courtesy of the Macaron Café)!  They have seasonal flavors so the joy of the experience never gets old for this sweet-tooth mamma.  Pomme D’Amour? Pumpkin Cinnamon? Lychee Rose?  Yes please!

Baby tips
- The store upfront is incredibly spacious, so plenty of space for strollers, and the staff is quite accommodating.
- No high-chairs for seating, but you could use your own stroller as a chair or use something like Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper.  I’ve generally found the back of the café to be not very crowded, which is nice for families. 

Bottom line – this is a great place to take your little ones and meet up with friends for a cup of tea in the afternoon, or just swing by with your family while you're out cruising in SoHo.  It’s also a fantastic spot for out-of-towners as it’s right in the middle of the hubbub and serves as a convenient pit stop before you move on to your next action-destination!

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