Rustic Chic at Monument Lane


(West Village)

Monument Lane

103 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

Tel. 212-255-0155

High Chair

Monument Lane,  a gastropub set in a "colonial-style" tavern in the West Village serves up one mean Bloody Mary.  In fact, I think you'll be spoiled for choices when it comes to Bloody Marys, as they literally have one section of their brunch cocktail menu dedicated entirely to bespoke Bloody Marys.  The other great thing the restaurant has going for it, apart from delicious comfort food and cute decor, is an incredibly warm and friendly staff that is decidedly baby friendly.

We went there with friends a while back when it was still quite cold outside (though what's different you ask!), and were instantly met with both warmth and delight the minute we entered Monument Lane.  One could almost call the experience transformative.

Food Tips:

- As I said earlier, this is a place that's as well known for its bespoke cocktails a as it is for its down-home, simple but delicious, farm to table fare.

- Delectable small bites such as crispy chickpeas and cheese croquettes are definitely crowd pleasers for both grown-ups and little ones.  In fact, one of the things we love most about the restaurant is that it has lots of small plates and options for sharing (as we all know how finicky those little palates can be!!)

Baby Tips:

- If you read any reviews about Monument Lane, you will notice remarks about how friendly the service was.  This was no less true when we went with munchkin in tow.  Not only were the restaurant staff extra accommodating from the moment we stepped in, between making sure that a high chair was set up for our corner table and picking up toys for the little rascal when he’d drop it for fun (yes we were in that phase).  What’s more, the staff also went out of their way to entertain our little man when he at last got restless towards the latter half of the meal, and simply needed to be walked around.

- Monument’s wait staff were sensitive to additional baby needs, such as when we needed hot water to heat up Nuke Baby's milk, and when one side of the table (his) needed to be cleared of any fine china, silverware, or hot plates.  You'd think these things are a given, but speaking from experiences elsewhere, they are not!

- No changing tables unfortunately, but their bathroom is very spacious (and clean!) so plenty of space for you to spread out (which is more than what you may find out elsewhere in the area). 

Overall, our recommendation would be to check it out of you happen to be in the neighborhood.  The charming "tavern chic" decor alone would warrant a thumbs-up from us.  Late at night, this place supposedly turns into a rowdy "bar scene" in the West Village.  But then again, we'll never know for sure, since that's when the witching hour strikes the small bubs and the grown-ups turn into pumpkins anyways!

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