Garden Cocktails at the Little Prince



Little Prince

199 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

Tel. 212-335-0566

Stroller Parking

We swung by the Little Prince (cleverly located on Prince Street) some time ago, right after a fun hour at Baby Loves Disco at Le Poisson Rouge (which we recommend that you check out at least once btw!).

I've traditionally had the habit of "cooing" every time I pass by the Little Prince.  Put simply, it’s just got one of these beautiful veneers that draws the ladies in with its “cuteness.”  Perhaps it’s the large open doors, or the white-washed walls, the plants perfectly perched outside, or the staunch commitment to pretty (right down to the clientele).  Whatever the case, I’ve always wanted to venture inside and see what it’s like for myself.

Food/ Drink tips:

-          The best part about this place, in my view, is not so much the food (which is classic French bistro) but the atmosphere.  Nothing beats grabbing a seat on the outdoor patio and enjoy a nice chilled glass of rosé, or a lemon/gin cocktail with cucumbers (refreshing!)

-          Though I’ve never tried it myself, I heard that the French Onion Soup Burger is worth a taste, just ask the burger master (Burger Weekly).   

-          Want to go healthy?  There’s always the quinoa salad with butternut squash, currants, and roasted kale (yum)

Baby tips:

-          We recommend arriving sometime between 3pm and 5pm, this way you’re at  the tail-end of brunch (11am-3pm), and just at the early end of dinner time  (5pm to 1am), ideal time for an afternoon cocktail, and brilliant for early evening din dins!

-          No high chair, but if you sit outside with bubs in stroller, you should be fine!  Note that the 38-seater restaurant is on the smaller side, so we wouldn’t recommend going during peak hours.