Retro-Tiki Happiest Hour in the West Village

(West Village)

The Happiest Hour

121 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10011

Tel. 212-243-2827

Stroller Parking

Generally speaking, 3-6pm is a big gap to fill for us in the late afternoons… so what better way to occupy the time than with happy hour at the Happiest Hour?  Our friends recommended the new Hawaiian-inspired cocktail-den/restaurant in the West Village, brought to you by the same folks behind Acme, NoMad, and Pegu Club (aka the dream team).  So off we went – mamma and crew, and I couldn't be happier with our experience there.

First of all, when we arrived (right at 5pm), Happiest Hour was pretty much empty (which is how we like it).  When we got to the back, aka restaurant bit, our waitress offered us "whatever table we wanted.”  Oh the choices!!  Did I mention, she even put in munchkin’s order first so that his food would be out before everybody else’s.  How thoughtful/awesome is that?

Food tips:

- On top of snazzy cocktails (my personal favorite was the “Maid to Order” with mint/cucumber/gin), Happiest Hour also serves simple grub fare. Think along the lines of burgers, grilled cheese, and salads – classic American fare mixed with rock and palm trees.

- I recommend the W.B.B.L.T. (World’s best BLT) and the Grilled Cheese Bikini with Fontina and American Cheese (plus tomato soup), both yum yum.

- If you want to go for healthy, I highly recommend the Tuscan Kale Salad with pear, crispy quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and pecorino nero.

Baby tips:

- As noted earlier, we love the super friendly staff, who really went above and beyond to accommodate munchkins.

- The manager also came around a few times just to check up on us and say hello to the little guy, which really makes a world of difference for morale lifting.

- Tons of space both upfront and back for strollers (see pics), tables were not cramped at all.  The Happiest Hour used to occupy the old Kingswood restaurant, and they really went long on standing bar space versus restaurant space.

-  No high chairs, but wasn't really an issue as we brought our own Baby Wriggle Wrapper.