Sweet Argentinian — Balvanera


(Lower East Side)


152 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

Tel. 212-533-3348

Stroller Parking

This weekend, I insisted to hubs that we had to take the kiddos out for brunch.  Why?  Just the thought of cleaning up after these muchkins after one more meal is making me want to rip my hair our (argggh!!! Just can't). 

I'll be honest, when I launched City Baby Dining more than three years ago, life was very different for this mamma.  We only had one munchkin (who was pretty calm and well behaved overall), and we were able to handle dining out pretty well.  Fast-forward to end of two munchkins at the end of 2016, and life has been a bit more chaotic.  We are just getting back into the hang of things, and we discovered this little gem in our neighborhood called Balvanera.

Full disclosure, it must have been more than eight years ago when I first "discovered" Balvanera.  I was with my girlfriend's then main squeeze (now her husband), and he told me about this amazing Argentinian restaurant that was LEGIT.  Fast-forward nearly a decade, and here I am with my two children! Who knew?

That said, the cuisine definitely did not disappoint.  This is NOT the sort of place you go to where you must compromise the quality of the food for the kids.  PLUS... the atmosphere was super chill, with a great staff.  Points for the WIN. Mark my words, we will definitely be back again in the near future.  In fact, hubs and I can easily see this as a go-to-place for years to come.