Yum Yum Dim Sum in TriBeCa



China Blue

135 Watts Street, New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212-431-0111

High Chair/ Stroller Parking

As you might know, we are big fans of dim sum in this household (see here).  That said, we're not always fans of mega chaos (shocking, I know), usually there's plenty of that around the house that generates on it's own.  As hubby says every time I tell him we're doing dim sum, "it's going to be a shambles," he sighs.

So imagine my delight when a colleague recently informed me about China Blue in TriBeCa!!! The name isn't great (Chinese version is better), but inside is evocative of old world Shanghai, all velvet, red lanterns, drapery, and even a mega saxophone to boot.

Food/Drink tips:

- You pretty much cannot go wrong with the menu – though there’s other things to pick from (it’s not strictly a dim sum resto), the dim sum menu is totally legit, see here, what makes it extra special is that it’s only available Saturday and Sunday (11:30am to 4pm).

- You haven’t lived until you get the crab soup buns, made with pork and king crab meat.  Note, the soupy goodness is slightly hot… so you may want to suck those puppies out before you hand it over to the little ones.  We split up the fillings from the bun, and called the latter “pasta.” 

- My other personal favorite was the Chinese Chives Pancakes (with chives, egg, and dried shrimp).  Sooooo good, and completely legit! It’s like a mix of chive dumplings and scallion pancakes, combining the best elements in my view. 

- This is dim sum a la carte, so you do lose that element of “authenticity” where you get the carts being pushed around… that said, it also means losing the madness, so – your choice!